Animals That Get The Job Done

Kip  & Chelsey Lewis

We are a husband and wife team that put a lot of time and effort making sure our animals are production ready, they are all our own animals as we do not out source to find the animal talent, we feel that this way we really get to know the animal and we know that they are adequately prepared to get the shot that is needed in the most efficient way possible. We use strictly positive reinforcement training, we do not believe that any animal should be mistreated in any way in order to learn something.  We have a wide variety of animals, from about 30 dogs of all shapes and sizes and training to the only movie trained exotic animals in New Mexico.  By letting our team help shape, uncover, and build your vision, we get to do what we love and help move you along your journey toward capturing an audience. After all - stories need and want an audience.


Now, you might notice things here run a little different than other animal Training/Wrangling facilities. There isn't really a hierarchy. Yes, everyone has a position and tasks, but the overall process and feel is collaborative. Every animals is treated as a partner and treated with the respect that they deserve. That's what makes us different. It’s why people come to us. And it's what makes us A To Z Film Animals.


Some of our qualifications include:

  • Possess 10 years training Service Dogs
  • 10 years training Cats for film/non-film purposes
  • 25 years training Dogs for film/non-film purposes
  • 10 years training exotics and domestic animals for specific use in Movies, Television, Print, Live Events, and educational purposes
  • Over 30 years training Horses for film/non-film purposes

For a Full List of Animals Available Please Contact Us!